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I first found Nillie following a bout of acute back pain two days before Christmas 2007 when my existing osteopath had left for holiday. I "googled" osteopaths in Chiswick, and she looked as good as any, what a fortuitous thing that was. I have been with Nillie on an every-three-week basis since the end of 2007, during which time I have had treatment for regular back tune ups, naturopathic remedies, dietary needs. During the last two years I have had annual bouts with acute back pain caused by everyday life. Nillie always manages to return my back to normal proper health with a couple of treatments. When the pain begins, getting out of bed is a 10 minute ordeal. Nillie is truly a miracle worker that utilizes numerous methods and techniques to correct any and all ailments. Nillie's ability to return oneself to a pain-free situation is clearly hugely important. What I did not realize when I first started to see Nillie is that it would always a pleasure to see and be treated by her. She is a very upbeat, optimistic person, capable of bringing anybody out of a bout of self-pity, and has become a good friend who knows my wife and children. I would follow Nillie if she ever left Chiswick. She is completely indispensable, irreplaceable in every way. I am looking forward to seeing her in the next two weeks. 

Bret Marty

Citigroup Global Markets Ltd

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