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Total human spine skeleton model with beautiful reflection on glass table.Cervical, thorac

Is pain taking a toll on your daily life?

Call West London Clinic on 0800 994 9525

Are you suffering from lower back pain or neck pain?

At West London Clinic, we can help you with pain

management through osteopathy


'To Experience Customized Treatments, Visit West London Osteopathy Today'

Osteopath Kensington

Post operation rehab for you in Harley St

Have you undergone any major surgery recently? Are you searching for a hip or knee replacement rehab in Kensington or Harley Street? At West London Clinic, we offer post operation rehab that will help you get back on your feet.

Benefits of post-operation rehab:

  • Restoring optimal mobility

  • Strengthening weakened muscles

  • Compensation for any functional loss

  • Restoring normal movement patterns

  • Helps regain confidence

Any major surgery can take a toll on your mind and body but with the right treatment you can be healed.

We offer osteopathy including visceral osteopathy as well as acupuncture, which can improve the stimulation of nerves and muscle tissue as well as endorphin release and enhance blood circulation.

You can also undergo naturopathic treatments to flush out toxins that your body might have accumulated with medication.

Osteopath Kensington

'Experience Effective Pain Relief and Wellness with Osteopathy'

An Integrative approach for balanced health & wellness

After trying to conceive for a couple of years with a few miscarriages along the way. I visited Tina for some fertility acupuncture. Feeling a bit deflated with it all, Tina really set me at ease from my first visit. I was so worried that my body was not up to it and Tina was quick to reassure me that it was and just needed a few tweaks to balance things out. She was confident I would be pregnant very soon and after not so many treatments I was. Having had acupuncture by other practitioners, it felt nothing like the way it did with Tina. She has such a lovely energy and it really felt instantly like she was balancing things out for me. After finding out I was pregnant I felt really confident that it was a healthy pregnancy which it was and we now have our beautiful baby girl. I can’t thank Tina enough for her help. I truly believe if I hadn’t have seen her when I did I wouldn’t be in this situation now. What a great acupuncturist....her knowledge of how the body works, her warmth and energy really made every visit a lovely experience with such a lovely outcome. 

Joanne Barr

Airline Cabin Crew

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