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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary private process where two people meet together with a neutral facilitator to settle a dispute.

Mediation can help you to resolve your dispute and to:

  • Be principled and not positional

  • Focus on shared interests

  • Handle Cultural differences

  • Be soft on the people and hard on the dispute

  • Use objective criteria

  • Develop a negotiation strategy that is fair and reasonable

  • Consider your best alternative to a negotiated agreement

  • Avoid unnecessary litigation

  • Save time and money

  • Take a commercial view

  • Avoid stress and damage to business

  • Focus on what you are hoping to achieve

  • Achieve your aims

  • Look at all your options

  • Help you think of some solutions

  • Be realistic about outcomes

  • Manage emotion and feelings

  • Separate the people from the problem

  • Create options for mutual gain

  • Handle difficult situations and personalities

  • See the dispute from the other person's view

  • Reality test your case and play devil's advocate

  • See the big picture - the effect on you/others in the dispute

  • Expand the pie before trying to divide it

  • Keep control of your dispute and the negotiations

  • Handle difficult negotiations and avoid confrontation

  • Maintain a working relationship with customers/suppliers

  • Cope with lawyers better

  • Cope with the court process better

Experienced patient centered team

'Lawrence is very relaxed and informal and will put you at ease with a calm and confident manner. He has vast amount of experience in mediating disputes in many different industries and public sector organisations. He has an excellent energy and great attitude. He is flexible in meeting clients accordingly. Lawrence is highly regarded and It is my privilege to have him in our team'

Dr Nillie Teymouri


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